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Silica Waterless Wash

Silica Waterless Wash


Clean and Protect in one simple step without the need for water using GlassParency's Silica Waterless Wash

Features and Benefits:

  • Combines the benefits of a traditional waterless wash with a silica infused paint sealant
  • Quickly and easily clean vehicle exterior without water
  • Leaves behind a thin hydrophobic barrier

Product Application:

Spray directly onto light- to mildly-contaminated paint surface. Using a high piled/quality microfiber folded into eights, wipe in a singular direction. It's important to continuously fold open microfiber to a clean, unused section with each pass. After the entire vehicle or section has been wiped down, use a new clean microfiber to gently buff the surface to a streak- and residue-free surfac

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